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After fine dining at Casey's General Store, we headed up a long but moderate hill into another beautiful South Dakota sunrise.

The route today was 55 miles with an optional additional route adding 22 miles. I always take the long route. It's the only one I loaded in my GPS. When Howie and Jeff asked what route, I wanted to take I said they could decide, I'd be fine with either. Later when they said they would take the regular route, I did a little happy dance. I rationalized, I had probably earned a solid A and didn't need any extra credit.

Todd Moss and Jerry Wendt
Me and friend Jerry Wendt. Jerry is eight years my senior. Someday I hope to keep up with him.

When cycling friend, Jerry Wendt showed up for these last 3 days and wanted to do the long route, I was tempted. I knew Jerry had fresh legs, the heat index was over 100 and with more headwinds in store, I thought better of it. I knew if I was going to make 2 more days in the saddle, I needed to be smart. Later when Jerry went passed me like a missile, I knew I made the right decision.

The route today did not pass-through towns, well, maybe a couple wide spots in the road. We are definitely starting to see more croplands.

A friend from Siouxland Cyclist commented on my Day 1 post that RASDak was a mental ride. You need to keep pushing yourself. I found her to be right. After 84 miles and the big hills yesterday, I felt great. I thought 55 today would be a snap. The pain in my posterior, heat and wind made me question continuing. Of course I looked around and saw older people completing the ride, looking fresh, and without all this whining!

Storms tonight, but tailwinds and cooler temps tomorrow!

Honey, see the attached picture of a butt donut. With two-day shipping it should be here by Saturday when I get home.

Todd Moss

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