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​People often ask about travel tips as we are frequent travelers (UNDERSTATEMENT). The Chase Sapphire Reserve card is our favorite credit card for everything, but especially travel. Yes, it's not cheap with a $550 annual fee. Of course, the cost goes down a lot when you consider they give you a $300 credit each year for travel expenses. They also pay $100 toward Global Entry every 5 years. In addition to the 60,000 points you get when you sign up, the points on dining and travel add up 3X, 5X even 10X on certain things. They define dining and travel loosely, i.e. gas and groceries qualify. The card is very easy and reliable to use when traveling internationally. Of course, one of the many things we really enjoy is that it gives us lounge access in some airports. If you are waiting for a 2 AM flight out of New Delhi, you'll welcome a soft chair, a quiet area, a free beverage and some good snacks. Check it out. If you want to rack up some miles and enjoy other benefits, it may be a fit for you too. Just click below to explore it more.

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