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About Us

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Rhonda has been in the travel industry for years, specializing in booking vacations and business travel. She inherited the travel gene from parents Wilfred and Harriet who started Extra Touch Tours in 1994. Now that her three sons have left the nest she likes to fly too.


Todd has had a 34 year career as an architect.  He stepped back as CEO of his firm so he can travel with you.  His appreciation for art, architecture, history, and culture offers a unique perspective on our tours.  He's the trip researcher, accountant, advertiser, writer, photographer, webmaster, and Facebooker for Extra Touch.

At Extra Touch Tours our goal is not to build a big business.  We want to see the world with great people.  If you want to see amazing places with experienced travelers anxious to show it to you with an Extra Touch, you're in the right place.  Now, let's go places, learn, taste, experience, and make new friends.  Let's travel together.

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