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It was College Jersey Day, and many riders supported their teams. For this one-day, rival Hawkeyes and Cyclones rode side by side. It was both a flatter and shorter route then Thursday at 57.6 miles. We faced occasional headwinds, but who can complain with a perfect day in the 70’s?

Our first stop was Harper, where I had to snap a few pictures of the signs. That’s my granddaughter’s name. I miss her smile.

Memorial Day
Tire dip in the Missouri River

We continued to Keota for pancakes and wrestling. That’s correct, wrestling. I’m sure it wasn’t WWF, but it garnered a lot of attention. It was hilarious, and everyone enjoyed the photo op.

We Stopped in Wellman to watch some excellent street dancing and grab some picture of riders sporting various college jersey’s.

We spent some time in Kalona for lunch and to look around. I had a wood fired pizza cooked in the back of a fire truck, The irony! The owner said they were from California and other than RAGBRAI, they mostly hire out for private events,

Kalona is the Quilt Capital of Iowa. It’s an Amish and Mennonite area. It’s also home to Kalona Brewing which seems to be having quite a bit of success. We were treated to free cans of Kalona water when we entered town. Some chose to check out the brewery and sample the fermented variety.

On the way out of town we stopped to walk through the Historic Village.

Riverside was next, and their theme was “Ride Long and Prosper.” Star Trek fans know that a spot behind what used to be the town’s barber shop is the “future birthplace” of Star Trek’s Captain – James T. Kirk Commander of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC – 1701. We hunted down the spot and had some fun in Riverside.

Our last stop before Iowa City was Hills. A good time for pie. Don’t be confused by the name, it’s actually pretty flat. It’s named after Thomas Hill. It’s not in the hills.

Draft lines formed to fight the wind on the final stretch into Iowa City. The Airforce Cycling Team passed us on the last stretch. Thankfully I have not needed them yet. They ride every year to assist cyclists with flats or other problems along the way.

The atmosphere in Iowa City is electric. It’s beautiful weather and the city looks great. They are ready for RAGBRAI.

Today was another great day on RAGBRAI. A story better told with pictures then words. Better yet, a story experienced firsthand.

This morning I packed up my tent for the last time. I’m living the high life again tonight, staying with friends, Steve and Sue Baker. A shower, and a bed. Yeah!

Tomorrow is the last day. While I miss my wife, and home is always great, even after an epic journey, I’m not ready for this ride to end.

Todd Moss

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