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RAGBRAI 2021 DAY 7 - De Witt to Clinton


Today's ride was only 31.6 miles. It did pack a climb of 1,148 feet. In that short distance. We passed through the towns of Charlotte, Goose Lake, and Six Mile.

A true RAGBRAI begins with a tire dip in the Missouri and ends with a dip in the Mississippi. Another Iowa coast to coast adventure is in the books. Here are a few final reflections from the week.

Just after dipping my tire in the Mississippi River to conclude my 2021 Iowa coast to coast bike tour.

Things I will miss:

-Seeing Iowa at 17 miles per hour.

-Exercise, extreme exercise.

-Challenging myself and meeting goals.

-The pink ice cream truck.

-Eating an EXTRA 3000 - 4000 calories a day.

-Watching and meeting joyful people from all over the world.

-Writing to you.

Things I will not miss:

-Putting up my tent in scorching heat and packing it up wet.

-Tent showers.

Things I am looking forward to:

-Rhonda picking me up

-A real shower

-Sleeping in my bed, or any bed

-Air conditioning

-Watching TV and finding out what is going on in the world.

-Going to church tomorrow.

-Hugs from my grandkids.

For those of you interested in statistics here they are:

Miles: 536

Climb: 15,873

Biking Calories Burned: 27,200

Pie slices consumed: 0, not a pie guy and the Amish took the year off. Mom made the best pecan and there is nothing that can compete.

It was another week that reminded me how blessed I am, and how wonderful God's creation is. Thanks to all of you who rode with me through these posts.

Follow Rhonda and I in a week when we check out Ashville, NC.

Peddle with purpose, peddle positive, peddle on!

Todd Moss

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