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I quickly checked the location where the ticket was purchased to make sure I wasn't the winner. Wait, I guess that means I would have to have bought a ticket right? Well I didn't, and I certainly wasn't in central Iowa at the time. I'm not in the habit of buying lottery tickets. Oh I bought a couple when the jackpot got real high, like a billion dollars or so. Who wants to buy a ticket when the odds are much better and you can only win a million? To tell you the truth I know the odds are so ridiculous, I'm not sure I ever checked my numbers. This article really bothered me. To think someone may have won a million dollars, and probably never checked their numbers. 363 days had passed and they had only 2 days to claim their prize. The article went on to say in Iowa alone an average of $1.4 million annually goes unclaimed. When you think of it though, a lot of us aren't claiming the gift of eternity. The odds are really great too, guaranteed by the creator of the universe. Not only that, it's free, not for sale, can't be bought, price paid. Thank you Jesus! Don't let your prize go unclaimed

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