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Today we are at the leaning tower of Pisa. It started to lean during construction in the 12th century. As an architect, that would have been a crisis. Sioux City's City hall did the same when it was built in 1895-1897. It was designed to resemble the Palazzo Vecchio (old palace) in Florence, Italy were we were a few days ago. When I was part Sioux City City Hall's reconstruction in 1995-1997, it's leaning tower caused me plenty of anxiety. If you want the little known story about that crisis, you'll have to ask me.

President John F. Kennedy, in Indianapolis on April 12, 1959 said, “The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity.” Kennedy is a man who knew about crisis. On August 1, 1943 his boat PT-109 was sunk. His actions to save his men made him a hero. As President, he faced The Cold War, Increasing hostilities in southeast Asia, race tensions at home, and the Cuban Missile Crisis, For 14 days in October 1962 the world held its breath as he attempted to avert nuclear war. We were losing the Space Race. Though he didn't live to see it, he inspired America to put a man on the moon "within this decade." The next time the airline loses my luggage, I'm going to remember what a real crisis is. Turns out some linguists argue Kennedy was wrong, the Chinese symbol just means "crisis." No matter if that half of the symbol means opportunity or not, the important point is attitude. Don't despair but look for opportunity in challenges. Kennedy did, and what could have happened if he hadn't? Luke 12:26 "and if worry can't accomplish a little thing like that, what is the use of worrying over bigger things?"

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