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Getting lost? I recommend it. Get out of the hotel and out of your comfort zone. You may never get back here again. I've come to live by that motto all over the world. It has resulted in amazing experiences I never would have had laying on the bed watching foreign TV I couldn't understand. There was one time recently where I was a bit more scared then I normal. Terrified you might say. I'd gone on a bike ride in France. It was a fabulous afternoon, right up until the time I tried to find my way back. I couldn't figure it out, and the local villagers could not understand me. I did not have international phone service, and eventually my river cruise ship was going to be sailing. At home I just would have used Google Maps to GPS me right to my destination, but without international data or coverage I was lost. BIG TIME! I did fumble my way back eventually by garnering a few points and broken english out of a young girl riding horse in the French Countryside. For my more recent river cruise, I downloaded each of the areas I was traveling to from Google Maps. Turns out you can use them offline if you just download the specific cities you are going to. You can even use them to find restaurants or attractions. So next time you travel, get lost! But not before you download those Google Maps. I'm downloading those Scandinavia maps right now. Watch our June adventure on Facebook by going to our Extra Touch Tours page and "following" or "liking" us.

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