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I was talking to a young friend the other day. He was really struggling with some things at work. The issues were really bothering him; consuming his every thought and leaving him in anguish. Been there, done that I thought. It’s good to be retired. Though I loved my career and the people I worked with and for, these kinds of obstacles, problems, and hurts seem to be inevitable.

I was really searching for what I could tell this friend. What comfort or advice should I give him? I was rereading the story of Joseph, when it occurred to me that Joseph was a guy that went from a Pit, to a Prison, and then on to a Palace.

It might have been Joseph’s Pride in sharing his dreams with his brothers that put him in that pit. God used those Painful life experiences, including prison to Prepare Joseph. God had a Purpose, a Position of Power, and a Place in a Palace in mind for Joseph.

Reflecting, I could really relate. I wouldn’t want to relive those painful experiences, but I can now can clearly see how God used them to prepare me. I guess that’s what I’ll tell my friend; God’s probably just preparing you for his purpose and it could even be a palace or a position of power.

My apology for this parody of P’s, but what is God preparing you for?

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