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Stop and Smell the Roses

There it is, another gray hair, and I’d sure like to know who has been sneaking in while I’m asleep and putting miracle grow in my nose and ears. Once I turned 50, I swear those hairs in all the wrong places grow faster than a body builder on steroids. Speaking of body builders, why are there now ribs were my muscles used be? I used to be taller too. Who knew, it’s true, you shrink when you get older. Not sure if I want the teenage acne back, but I don’t care for these sun spots and wrinkles either. Rhonda and I just saw a high school classmate too. We’re sure glad we don’t look that old (or do we?).

My birthday follows close behind the New Year (no gifts please), so I celebrate the new year and another year older sequentially. Though there are some mixed emotions “celebrate” is still an appropriate word.

I’m sure glad I am now half as smart as I thought I was at 18 and at least twice as smart as I really was back then. I’m glad I don’t have to impress the girls. Well there is that one girl, Rhonda, but I think she is sticking with me at this point in spite of all my shortcomings.

I’m sure glad I don’t have the pressure of providing for a family. The hard driving career focus that consumed me to win the next project, beat the competition, rise the corporate ladder. I’m glad my brain does not work through those work problems all night, and I can have some sweet dreams.

I’m glad I learned a few hard lessons and don’t have to repeat those painful experiences. Things like, write that angry leader, read it every day for a week, then throw it away. Things like, if there is a disagreement about a bill or money, pay the bill without question. You can replace money, you can’t replace a friend, a client, or your reputation as easily.

If I wasn't older I wouldn't know the joy of being a grandpa!

Celebrate getting older. Getting older really does have a lot of benefits besides the experience of age. I find more time to read, travel, learn, smell the roses. In fact, I’m going to smell the Roses at the Rose Parade next New Year, right after I trim those nasty nose hairs. You can join me (at the Rose Parade, not the trimming).

Take the time to travel, to learn, to relax, and to build memories as you get older.

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