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We just got back from a fabulous trip to Hawaii. While there we enjoyed some delicious fruit. Did you know bananas start with a large (edible) purple flower? Did you know Pineapples don't grow on trees or underground? Check out some of the pictures we took.

Hawaii used to supply more than 1/3 of the world’s pineapples. Now because of labor cost they only supply Hawaii. For the same reason sugar cain, once the largest part of the Hawaiian economy, will end all prodcution in 2016.

Hawaii's pineapples are the best in my opinion. Hawaii also supplies almost all the worlds macadamia nuts, and it is the only state to produce coffee. As a lover of all 3, thank you Hawaii!

God talks a great deal about fruit in the Bible. He talks about the fruits of the spirit. He commands us to be fruitful.

In Genesis 1:12 God created the fruit we enjoy. “The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.”

In Genesis 2 he gives Adam access to the entire garden except the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Later he asks us to bring our first fruits in a tithe of 10%.

If you ever have the chance to enjoy the lush beauty and flavorful fruits of Hawaii. Remember it’s all God’s. In his great generosity he has given it all to us for our enjoyment. He only asks we return a small portion.

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