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Is Your Passport In Order?

Don't let passport problems derail your dream trip before it get's started.

Be sure that your trip of a lifetime isn't marred by passport problems. Here are some tips to keep you on top of passport guidelines.

If you're planning foreign travel and you need a passport, apply now to allow sufficient time for processing and to ensure you have a valid document for your travels. If you have a passport nearing its expiration date, renew now. Routine processing—which costs far less than expedited service—averages four to six weeks, but may take up to 10 weeks during heavy periods. The busiest time of year is January through August. Plan wisely.

There has been a surge for United States passports in recent years, and more than 14 million passport books and cards were issued in 2014. Your passport is good for 10 years.

Many countries require that a U.S. passport have as much as six months' validity remaining for entry. If your passport doesn't have the required validity, renew it now. If you have even a year left on your passport, consider renewing it now. And if you're running out of passport pages to be stamped, even though your passport is still valid, renew now. As of January 1, 2016, travelers can no longer receive page inserts overseas. If you frequently travel abroad, you may request a larger passport book with 52 pages. There is no additional cost, but receipt is not guaranteed due to supply limitations.

Whether you are renewing a passport of applying for the first time, the process is less stressful if you plan ahead.

For detailed information regarding the U.S. passport, visit the U.S. Passports & International Travel site of the U.S. Department of State–Bureau of Consular Affairs: - See more at:

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