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We just got back from Alaska. For part of the trip we were on a cruise ship. When you are on a boat of 2500 people you see people of all colors, shapes, sizes, demeanors, attitudes, and personalities. A few times I caught myself making instant judgements on people I didn’t really know. I’ve determined it’s me that needs an attitude adjustment.

Inspired by our first trip to Alaska four years ago, I read the biography of Jack London. London was the famous author and adventurist who made a trip to Alaska on the Klondike gold rush. The trip inspired several of his classic books and short stories including “Call of the Wild”, “White Fang”, and “To Build a Fire”.

On a later adventure he set off on a sailing trip around the world. One of his first stops, Hawaii inspired a number of other stories. Hawaii had a problem with Leprosy in the late 19th and early 20th century. London was hired as a sort of PR person to write favorable stories about a Leper colony in Hawaii.

Some things don’t seem to change. In the Bible there are many stories about Leprosy. Like Hawaii’s Lepers, the Biblical ones were shunned and had to live outside of the community.

Jesus was never afraid of Lepers. He dined with them, walked with them, and healed them. I know I need to be more like Jesus, to love people and not judge them.

Who are the Lepers in your life? Those who may be shunned because of how they look, how they dress, how they act, or for some past transgression? How can you be the healing hands of Jesus? How can you reach out to them and welcome them back into your community?

P.S. We’ll be in Hawaii for a 10 day 3 Island trip this January. Come with us this beautiful Island paradise. You know many people who live in Alaska came from the Midwest? They claim due to the wind and humidity here they prefer Alaska. Escape the cold. Contact us for details on this very high quality Hawaii tour.

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