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Group Tours of the Bible

Ever notice that many of the patriarchs of the Bible were tour leaders? Take Noah for example; he took his family on a 40 day cruise. Abraham and Joseph lead their families on tours too, and Moses led the Israelites on a 40 year trip to the Promised Land.

I can promise Extra Touch Tours will not take you on a crowded boat with stinky animals, we will not eat manna every day, and we promise not to get you lost in the wilderness (at least not for 40 years).

I think God like’s travel, after all he told us to “Go and make disciples in all nations”.

In reading the travel stories of the Bible I see God molding people. They seem to be growing closer to together, closer to God, sometimes through trials and adversity. It seems to me they gain an understanding and appreciation of the lands and people they encounter. I’m currently reading about Paul’s travels, and I sense his care for everyone as they face the fear of an impending shipwreck (Extra Touch will avoid those too).

I know I’m increasingly gaining an appreciation of this amazing world God created, the diverse cultures and people. We also feel a closeness with our fellow travelers and are always joyful when old friends join us on another journey.

Find some joy in the journey, learn new things, see new lands, make friends. Travel!

River cruise is the fastest growing segment of the travel business, and if you have ever been on one you know why. Due to a vendor error Extra Touch has the best deal we have ever had on a European river cruise. It sails next July down the Rhine and Danube. You’ll see Castles, Cathedrals and have daily tours through Germany, Austria, and Hungary. You’ll enjoy luxurious accommodations, great food, and beautiful Cities like Vienna and Budapest. Contact us now. We already have a nice group who chose to save 10% by booking before August 28.

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