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Risk - Reward

It’s US Open weekend.

I’m a golfer (not a very good one mind you), but I hope you non-golfers can understand this analogy. It’s the 18th hole, your one stroke behind your best buddy, and you’ve bet a beverage on this game. Keep in mind the beverage is that supersized 64 oz. you can hardly lift. Do you take that risky shot over the water, or do you lay-up?

Of course you do! It’s only a game, it’s only a Coke, and you know how much trash talk you’ll earn with a victory.

Now if you’re on the PGA tour, and that ball in the water can cost you a half-million dollars, a sponsorship, and your tour card, you might make a different decision.

There is risk in everything in life. I have to laugh at the ridiculous warning labels on new products sometimes. Of course travel has its risks too. Statistically though, you are probably safer in an airplane then on the highway near your home.

I think that is one of the things that escorted travel offers. Certainly you are not immune from any risk, but we travel regularly, we work with reputable companies, we can help you navigate unfamiliar territories, and we won’t be going to any place we aren’t comfortable. Note: there are no trips to Afghanistan on our 2015 lineup.

This is no Coke on a Saturday afternoon; this is your vacation, and your money. You want to have a fun, relaxing time. No worries mate, we’re going to make good shots, but keep it in the fairway.

P.S. enjoy that Coke, but don’t get too far from a bathroom. The picture below was from the 2014 US Open where my son and I enjoyed his birthday and father's day together.

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