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Building a Home

I’m designing a house. It might surprise you that I’ve designed very few. For various reasons, I’ve focused my career on Healthcare, Education and Municipal buildings.

In January I stepped back as CEO, and when a friend inquired about helping with his house, for the first time in 25 years I didn’t immediately say “no.”

The friend is a commercial client and fellow community activist I really respect and like. When I met with him and his wife, I really felt a shared vision for this home.

I’m excited about my ideas and can’t wait to show them. I hope they like them. It was really fun to do some very hands-on design. I kept envisioning them in their house, her in her painting studio, him reading, and their children and grandchildren enjoying a game by the table. This is a vacation home. You probably already know how much I believe in investing in vacation.

I think the “house” is going to be great, but the “home” is going to be spectacular; that’s built with family and friends, not brick and mortar. One of the great things about travel is its always great to come home to the ones you love.

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