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Invest in Vacation

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Dad lost his battle with cancer last year, and I just lost a friend to cancer too. She was only 50. I have several other friends who are fighting cancer. I pray God will let them win the fight so we can enjoy more of their time. While their time may be short, who knows if mine may be even shorter? In Matthew 6:27 God says “Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?”

I travel a lot with ladies. Ladies who tell me this was “her husband’s dream trip and they were going to do this together someday”. Someday never came and now I travel with a lot of ladies that are taking their husband’s dream trip without them.

Not to be dark, but having attended a number of funerals lately, I’ve thought about my own funeral. When they play that video of my life, there won’t be pictures of the buildings I designed, any awards I won, a big house, or a fancy car. There will be pictures of me, with my wife, my children, my friends, smiling and having a good time on vacation. I’m seeing some of those pictures in my head right now, and there are some great ones from that trip to Cabo.

My car is getting quite a few miles on it, but I’m going to drive it a while. I treasure my time with family more than anything, and I’m going to invest in vacation.


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