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Confessions of a Tour Leader

It was about 4 years ago. Rhonda had won a European River cruise in a drawing at a travel convention. I’m an architect and had a lifelong goal of seeing some of those European buildings from my architecture history classes. We decided to make efficient use of our airfare, and allotted 8 extra days to see Italy.

Time passed and with the busyness of work, family, and church we just never had time to plan where we were going to go, what we were going to see, how we were going to get there, and where we were going to stay. We were running out of time, and getting desperate. Although Rhonda’s parents had a 20 year old business escorting tours, we had not been on one and were not sure it was for us.

Our fears? That it would mean lots of time waiting for people boarding buses, standing in long lines; a trip that was void of any free time to explore on our own, and a group that was much older than us.

We ran out of time. We booked the group tour.

What did we find? The trip ran like clockwork. That long line at the Sistine Chapel? That wasn’t for us. Our group pass took us straight in. The local guides took us to places, and shared history and culture we would never have known on our own. We never had to worry about where we were going to stay or how we were going to get there.

Free time? It was just right. We will never forget a moonlight dinner while quiet music played in front of the Pantheon.

It turns out there were people of all ages, though we were actually the oldest. We made friends from across the globe.

These skeptics became believers. Rhonda I joined Extra Touch Tours shortly after that. If you want to skip long lines, really see and know a place, not go through the work and worry of planning flights, lodging, transfers and the other things that take the fun out of travel, try a group tour with Extra Touch Tours. You’ll enjoy a stress-free vacation at group pricing and new friends are guaranteed.

P.S. Italy? The most amazing place in the world and we are going back this September. Join us!

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