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The ride from Iowa City to Davenport today was 68.9 miles, long for a final day ride. My bus for home leaves at 4:30 PM, and missing the bus is not an option for a tour leader. In the likelihood I didn’t have time to say much about today, I’ve written some reflections on the week as we went along.

REFLECTIONS on ride to Davenport

More than just my bed and bathroom, there are certain things for which RAGBRAI has really raised my appreciation. These include, the kindness of people, the beauty of Iowa, our American flag which was proudly displayed everywhere along the route, and our law enforcement officers. They were always present, keeping us safe, and responding in need.

Memorial Day
Tire dip in the Missouri River

I know I was spoiled by unseasonably mild weather. I’m thankful to have had zero flats or accidents. I did witness one. A bicyclist ran into a police officer directing traffic. No injuries, but one embarrassed cyclist.

Other statistics since leaving Sioux City 8 days ago include logging over 550 miles, climbing more than 13,000 feet, and burning an estimated 27,000 calories. I’ll check the scale tomorrow if I over replaced them.

More importantly, I leave RAGBRAI with many new friends and memories. I know it’s cliché, but RAGBRAI, “I’ll be back.” The question is, will you join me out here next year?

In concluding my first RAGBRAI I have to ask, have you ever done something and say, “what did I get myself into?” That feeling when you are at a peak in the Alps and you realize you are in way over your head? Knowing there is only one way down and based on your ski skills it could be a quick fall off the side of the mountain? Yes, I do know that feeling, and it hit me hard last Saturday when I started this journey.

My biggest fear? Writers (not riders) cramp. I’ve heard it can hit you like a steep grade into a strong east wind. Those of you who rode last year know what I’m talking about.

I have bigger goals with both blogging and biking. I’m not ready to stand on another cliff and reveal those. Let’s just say, I thought I should try riding across Iowa before I take on something really big.

This is a week I’ll never forget. I’m glad I went down this road. Just remember, if I can do it, you can do it. Maybe you’ll come see Iowa with me next year.

Thanks for joining me on this ride!

Todd Moss

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